Gary Hooker, Guitarist for Brad Paisley's band getting a little "Mud on the Tires" through his 701!

"I had been searching for well over a decade for an amp with these tonal characteristics.

Chris nailed it. It never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever I plug my guitar into it.

And the build quality is second to none!"

John Maher



The lone builder at Black Bridge is Chris Draper. Chris is a touring Guitar Tech by trade, builder when time allows. Having toured with many of the world's top acts, Chris has developed a feel for what guitarists want and need out of an amp. Partly out of necessity, mostly out of fear.

Keeley's guitar ace, Aaron Pierce.

Another fab pedal demo, thru a 701!

"I stumbled onto a 2012 - 701 prototype (correct me here if I'm mistaken, Chris), in a small used music gear store. At the time, I had no clue what I had picked up but I knew I liked it. This little amp head is built like a tank but that's where similarities to a tank stop. The amp on it's own accents the true nature of all my guitars all while making them sound really big! Turn up the amp and it stays nice and clean without that "ice pick" effect. I've gone through so many amps in my years as a guitar player and guitar builder.. I've seen some pretty impressive gear come and go in my quest for tone. For the longest time, I had settled on a Sears Silvertone 1484 with a beefed up output transformer as my main pedal friendly amp but sadly, the Silvertone will have to take a back seat to the 701 prototype. Chris, this amp makes all my guitars and pedals sound better than they ever have. Thank you for conceiving this brain child."

Andre Lecouteur


Precision Guitar Worx

Earliest 701! Pre Everything!

"You nailed what you were going for. That recognizable but so hard to duplicate Vox like tone, but with the added gain courtesy of the EF86. I call it "Velvet Glass".

Gary Hooker

Brad Paisley's Drama Kings Guitarist

701 Model Head

Clayton Bellamy of The Road Hammers

using his 50 watt Claxtone Signature Model!

"Folks, you MUST hear one! I have one, it's creamy heaven! Super solid build. For home or for the road, I can't imagine you'd find anything more toneful."

Robert Keeley

Effects Engineer/ Keeley Electronics

701 Model

"By my account, Mr. Chris "Diamonds" Draper is a fine man and an excellent guitar tech. If it wasn't for his undying love for Alice In Chains and allegiance to America's hat (Canada) he would still be on the road with us. Sometimes you just have to let a buddy be a buddy :).

Grade A Guitar Technician, Grade A+ human being."

Scott Holiday

Guitarist/ Fuzzlord

Rival Sons

​World Class Tone

"I never get tired of seeing the look on my client's faces when we plug into this unassuming little head...Big smiles followed up by something like "I guess I didn't really need to bring an amp to this session now, did I?". Great gear, built and maintained by an even greater guy!"

Shawn Sasynuik


Crosspatch Studios

SPIKE/Head Version

About the builder


Chris Colepaugh and the lead-off track to his new album "R&R".

This track features the "Brakeman" model. 

You'd never guess this track was done with a dimed low wattage combo.


"I've known Chris for nearly a decade now and have been playing his amps since 2011. Ive got the Spike, Brakeman and 701 along with a handful of 1x12 cabs. These amps stand up to the best in the world in tone and surpass anything I've ever used in regards to build quality. In the 5 years I've been recording and gigging with them I've had no issues outside of regular maintenance, and even then Chris has been there with the best suggestions for keeping them sounding their best. I love that I can plug straight in and not have to fiddle with a thousand dials to find the right sound. My biggest issues are deciding which one to bring to the gig and missing them on fly dates!"

Eric Treleaven

Touring/Studio Guitarist


Laser engraving new faceplates.

Everyone enjoys lasers!


Two custom 701 models delivered to our pal Gary of the Drama Kings

and a fella named Rad Baisley?

Client shows, Chris on tour, new product updates and other interesting happenings...

About the brand


News & Events

Another Keeley FX Demo, with the 701! How Cool! Love these guys, check em out!

A cool Keeley Electronics pedal demo, featuring the 701 Model

"In my 20 years as a touring musician, this is the best sounding amp I have ever played through. It's dynamic, full of tone and LOUD AS F*CK! Chris Draper is a master builder."

Clayton Bellamy-

The Road Hammers

CUSTOM "Claxtone 50"

"Black Bridge amps are such solid builds inside and out and they have tone for days! That's what makes them my first choice for the road and studio! Light it up, crank it up and enjoy!

You won't be disappointed......guaranteed!!"

Chris Colepaugh

Award Winning Guitarist/Songwriter and Producer


 User Reviews

Handmade in Canada

Black Bridge Amplification is nestled at the foot of the old Black Bridge in Charlton Ontario. The Old Bridge was the end of the line for the T&NO Railway in the early days when the north was still wild. On cold dark nights you can still hear the rumble of the old 701 Steam Engine, headed for home.

Black Bridge amps are hand built from the best parts, one at a time in our small workshop. We're certain that one of our amps will be the end of the line for your quest for tone.