Black Bridge Amplification also has a full service guitar repair shop. From simple restrings to advanced repair and refinish work, we've got you covered.

New Logo Plates!

New copper logo medallions are in!

this will replace the standard plastic laser logo on most heads and some cabinets. Or you can have the original V1 logo..... Choices

New medallion Keychains as well for 7.99 plus shipping, or free with amp purchase!

Full Service Guitar Repair

Inspired by early and legendary designs, hand made with the best modern components. Built for the real life musician.

Black Bridge Amps

Black Bridge Amps is running full time until 2018! Taking the rest of the year off to decompress and build amps! Get your orders in to ensure delivery by Christmas. Current wait time is only 2 weeks on most models.

feel the music

Sept 2017- Update!

Handmade in Canada

​World Class Tone